Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The above photo was taken in 2002 I believe. Part of my room back in the suburbs.

This morning I was on the phone with my mom and she stated impatiently that I hadn't updated my blog in a while hahah. It was funny because she, being my mom, should (and does) know how busy I've been these past few days haha.

I've been at work, figuring out a shipping dilemma, dealing with ice and snow, and car troubles. Thankfully the car trouble was fixed the day before the crazy ice day. My brother and dad were able to fix it themselves..car knowledge always amazes me.

Speaking of knowledge...I'm still getting the hang of blogging...what is the deal with comments? How do you reply to them? How does the person know that you have replied? I was told the other day that on TypePad you can have them emailed and posted..but I don't see anything like that on Blogspot... Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry for the boring entry..It's very late here..

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