Monday, February 12, 2007

Dreading the snow that is due to fall tomorrow. I'm ready for spring! Just finished washing a few loads of vintage fabric. Got some great patterns recently and I am excited to make new banners and get them listed in the Nice shop.

Speaking of spring, I've been wanting to show off these bracelets I got from Beadin' Nora..

Got this one for my mom..

..and this one for me!

She has some great things in her shop.

James ordered the 3rd season of The Wire, the last season we have to see before we are all caught up..we are constantly checking the mail as we have become quite addicted to this show. It is the first crime/drama show I have ever watched in my life. I am not a fan of this genre haha, but I really enjoy The Wire. So yes, we are waiting for it and getting a bit nervous. I always have my packages shipped to my parents' in the suburbs because I never get snail-mail, so I am too scared to try packages. ..and I go out there often enough so it's not that awful to wait a few extra days to get my goodies.

I'm off to continue working on a painting...


  1. I love these. I'll have to check out her etsy shop!!! So cute:)

  2. we love our bracelets...she does lovely lovely work!


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