Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hope you have a lovey-dovey day!

When I was young my favorite part about Valentine's Day was that we made mailboxes out of tissue boxes. I loved going from desk to desk and slipping them in. Actually I think one of the first careers I aspired to was a mail lady. In the fall I would use a rake to comb pathways through the leaves..paths that would lead to a tree trunk, the side door on the garage, the clubhouse, etc, this was my mail route. I wondered why everyone didn't want to deliver mail. I had images of lemonade and cookies at every stop- Oh! I just realized..remembered, where part of this image must have come could I forget? The Jolly Postman! That was definitely one of my most favorite books as a child. The whole book is filled with letters to take out and read. Yes, that must be where my mail lady desires came from.

Yesterday all that our mailbox had inside was..........SNOW! It was filled to the brim with snow! It was really blowing around yesterday. I'm very glad I was off and didn't have to drive out to work!

So yes! Here's to Valentines and mailboxes filled with surprises and the people who bring them (even if they don't always bring them -sigh-).

Have a wonderful day!

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