Friday, February 02, 2007

Some neat things have been added at Nice. I really love the piano piece..I just am so attracted to the style of embroidery..that scrolly white piano! haha. I'm still tempted to keep it....

I'm not feeling very well today, AGAIN! My head is killing me and I have a low fever-HA! At first I typed "love fever" hahah..wish that's all I had. My ear is like 98% back to normal hearing, so that is nice. But man, this headache..Advil is having a tough battle. I'm so hot that I'm in pj shorts. I am sick of not feeling my healthy self.

Had to say goodbye to a friend yesterday. She is moving to the East to be with her boyfriend. I'm happy for her but I don't have many girlfriends, so it was hard. Lucky for me her parents still live here so she'll be back a little less than often. And I'll visit her as well.

I'm going to go eat a lot of oranges, again..

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