Monday, April 09, 2007

I am not a fan of shoe shopping. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes just as much as any girl, my feet however, have a right to feel otherwise. I hate when shoes cause pain. It is so incredibly cruel and unfair. I've had my heels torn up countless times- really, that is my main problem area. If I have to, I can deal with my toes being pinched- but anything that gets rubbed enough to cause blood and/or blisters, I won't stand for (call me crazy). This makes shoe shopping so hard. Flats are the most important shoe for me, but the hardest to find, comfortably speaking.

I recently came across these by Marc Jacobs. Quite over my budget, and perhaps a tad too trendy (I can't even remember the last time I've liked something with those grommet things), so I'd like to create my own version. And add a very important sole insert haha. Anyway I can't find a simple ballet slipper anywhere! I've tried payless (What happened? They always carried dance shoes like these..), I tried to find a Sam & Libby website but could not, and I tried Zappos:

That is the closest thing I could find! It's pretty overpriced for what it is, and for this project ($93.00)..and I like how the MJ ones are chic-ly thin and effortless. ANY IDEAS ON WHERE TO FIND A PINK BALLET SLIPPER?

Also this is my current Anthropologie lust:

It's by Tracy Reese and is lined in silk and would probably go quite well with those shoes.


  1. Yuck. I also hate shoe shopping. Maybe it's becasue I also can never find any cute flats, maybe it's becasue I have gigantor feet that make even the cutest shoes look like the size of ferry boats. sigh. If I find any good stores, I'll elt you know.

  2. Nine West had really cute ballet flats like this last Fall - luvmyflats is what they were called and they looked very similar to these. They aren't on the site anymore, but you might find them at a store like Macy's or Nordstrom, or on Ebay or something. Good luck!

  3. Amanda- I have wide feet and narrow heels I guess..hences the blisters and such. It's so hard.

    Raya- Yeah, I think I remember those ballet flats..they maybe came with a little bag? I missed the boat. Haven't tried ebay yet tho.

    Thanks, guys! haha

  4. How about actual ballet flats? try capzio or a dance supply store. You might be stuck with the elastic strap, though.

  5. try looking at a dance store. There will be lots of options...and not too pricey!
    I dislike shoe shopping too. My size 10 feet never look nearly as cute and dainty as the size 6 they put on the display table!

  6. I have to have that dress, its so not me...but I ADORE it. Stupid Anthropologie, always teasing me. And their clothes don't ever seem to fit me either. Grr.

    It seems flats are everywhere these days, wish you lived in LA...we would take you downtown.

  7. maybe try and look under "leather fitted ballet flats"...i love true ballet slippers but these have an actuall sole....i have not yet tried these myself but they are on my wishlist.


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