Thursday, April 12, 2007

I think that I'm going to begin making a post once a week where I talk about something from my childhood hahaha. Things like books, toys, movies, whatever. I'm starting this because really, I'd be happy talking about such topics all of the time haha, but you, I'm sure, would rather I not. I just have a lot of happy memories- maybe I'll bring back some of yours or just introduce you to some new (to you) things. I think I'm going to try and do this on Fridays...tomorrow is going to be a busy one so we'll see. ..So yes, I should probably get busy thinking of a clever name for these posts haha.

I sold this piece the other week and the buyer was kind enough to send me a photo the very day she got it in the mail! It made me so happy to see that it's right at home. She has done a nice job.


Thanks for all of the shoe advice (below)! I'm going to try some dance stores..eventually. Also DSW.

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