Friday, April 27, 2007

This box is from when I was little. It houses many little treasures from my youth, which I have realized are mostly Sanrio items haha. I have always loved little things. I remember I was happy playing with pins and beads. Not making anything, mind you, just playing with the beads. Yeah. Like here is a red bead it must be a girl oh and here is a green one it is her husband and this light purple one is their baby. Same thing for sewing pins. I remember arranging a wedding on my Mom's pin cushion. Ok that was a real weird glimpse into my imagination haha.. moving on! The box:


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1. Little Twin Stars pink whistle
2. Mary Kay compact that I would use as pretend make-up and a small compartment for things..such as my Flick-Flak watch haha
3. Little Twin Stars blue tin. I loved this tin. The top was always a bit hard to open though, and maybe that is how I lost it.
4. Tiny colored pencils
5. Webby Duck. I loved Webby. Well, I really liked Daisy Duck, but I liked Webby's pink outfit. She had a bike or something that she rode..I'm sure it's somewhere in the basement.
6. Red plastic heart ring. I love this ring. It's from the fall carnival that was held every year down the road from our house in Michigan. I remember I wanted a prize but my parents were picky about what game I could play. I won it with my Grandpa Fraser at the duck pond (where you pick a duck that is swimming around in a loop and it has a number on the bottom which connects you to a prize). I was always so careful so I would never lose it. ...I did lose other rings, many times haha.
7. My melody plastic tote for tiny colored pencils and a note pad
8. Pink wallet. I'm not sure if this Sanrio character has a name.
9. Little Twin Stars tiny clip
10. Minnie Mouse watch, my first..I remember it was a birthday present but I'm not sure what year.
11. Hello Kitty gum. I never eat this kind of stuff ahah. I'm too much of a sucker for the packaging. But this isn't very old..I think a friend gave it to me a few years ago.
12. SWEET SECRETS kitty. DID ANY OF YOU HAVE THESE??? I loved this so much. So much that the case/tummy fell off. It was purple with a dark blue octagon shaped crystal.
13. Hello Kitty marker. I loved to switch the cap colors on my makers?
14. Hello Kitty sticker book. This also isn't very old. Maybe from the same friend.
15. small hook.
16. Minnie Mouse shopping. This made me so happy haha. I loved the details.
17. Little Twin Stars tiny, tiny tin that came with an eraser haha. This I think was by far my favorite little treasure. Still is.
18. A Maple Town Bear. There is another name for these but I can't remember what it is.. I know they are still making them today, as Calico Critters.. But I always new them as Maple Town.
19. Hello Kitty change purse. This might have been my first Sanrio item. My Mom's sister, my Aunt Nancy, worked at a Sanrio store when I was very, very little.
20. Sewing kit from Cedar Point, a great theme park in Ohio.
21. Minnie Mouse. This is wonderful. This was the first gift my little brother Douglas ever gave to me. It was taped to the side of his little hospital bed when they brought him in hahaha.
22. Green compact with a mirror inside, and it used to have a comb. This might have come with an overnight Sanrio set. That was so exciting when I got that..I should do a separate post about that. Such a good idea.

Ok that is it haha. Hope this wasn't too boring. I just love little things.


  1. Gah!!!
    When I saw that, It emmediatly reminded me of "stuff" I had. Then I looked at your items, and I had #12, and I think one other sweet secret (a girl?)! YES! I LOVED THOSE! That cat one was so cool, it was the first one I got.
    And #22!! WHoa, I had that exact little compact! No idea where it came from.
    My sister and I had tons of that twin stars stuff!
    Thanks for the roll down memory lane! I am such a sucker for that stuff!

  2. OMG! I love Sweet Secrets and Twin Stars! In fact, I think my mom got me A Sweet Secret for Christmas like 5 years ago just for fun - a hair dryer - and I have it in my hope chest. We would have been bff if we knew each other when we were 8 : ) BTW, I'm coming to Chicago on Monday for a photography conference. It will be my first time there and I'm so excited!

  3. I never had any of that stuff when I was little, I was so jealous of the kids who did...I definetly would have tried to be your friend. Growing poor sucks, but then again I appreciate those little things. I hope to store those things up for my daughter some day.


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