Monday, July 09, 2007

Had a nice weekend. Sunday James and I hung out with his little sister. She is 13 and acts her age - meaning she doesn't strive to be a 17 year old. I'm so glad he doesn't have a sister like that haha. I wouldn't know what to do with her! She looks up to James very much, and I think I might have become a bit of an influence on her too haha. Not to contradict what I just said about her, but of course I had older girls I looked up to when I was 13..but I was still ready to play night tag and never dream of taking my parents credit card to the mall. So yes, it was a HOT HOT day and we were having trouble thinking of things to do. We ended up at Target for like 10 min and then headed for lunch. She's into scary stories and television shows, movies too, multi-color nail painting, and Fall Out Boy hahaha. She knows that James and I have different music tastes than she does haha but she doesn't care - more proof that she is cool and has a mind of her own haha. It was a nice, but HOT afternoon.

In other news, if you'd like to see our 4th of July photos, click on over here.




  1. thanks! i'm gonna post a better photo of it soon!

  2. Nice fireworks and day! : )

  3. heh. i have a 14 year old sister that's the same way. it's really fun but still makes me glad i'm not that age and sometimes wonder how i ever got through it. :) i have been lurking for a bit now and love your blog. :)


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