Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've been using vintage purses lately.. Actually, it seems I have about 5 purses in rotation these days, 3 of which are vintage. This new habit came unexpectedly as I just suddenly found myself loving all 5 bags for different reasons, thus validating the constant switching haha. For once I'm giving every bag it's fair share of use and it sure has cut down on old receipts, gum wrappers, pens, and loose change.

Here are two of the vintage bags..

I found this one last year at the Flea Market. No one wanted it!
It was on extra-special sale! I carried it around the rest of the
day andwas constantly given compliments and everyone
assumed I had gotten it elsewhere?? Thank goodness my eyes
found it first.

This one came from a shop on Etsy called Emmy-Ray. I've yet to get
a photo of it myself, so the image is from the shop as well. My
brother, Douglas, gave this to me on my birthday this year. I really
love it and it will work well in the fall as well!


  1. Love the second one - so pretty!

  2. ooh i love both of them! i love vintage purses, but i seem to only use black ones

  3. thanks, ladies! how come always black, chandra? do you buy other ones but find you just don't use them?

  4. pretty! arg, how i hate pen marks, they ruin perfect bags!

  5. haha far I've been lucky and haven't acquired many pen marks, an amazing feat as I usually have like 5 pens in my bag - ALTHOUGH I recently realized that all this bag switching somehow has been leaving me with NO pen at all haha. ..gotta find a happy medium!

  6. Love both, but... more the white!!


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