Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today while working I was able to listen from the other room, and later on watch, a good deal of the TCM channel's day for Myrna Loy. Watched a lot of the Thin Man series. It's funny because last year about this time I was working on banners for the fair and The Thin Man was on then too haha. It was the perfect movie day, as those films never get boring to me. If you haven't seen them, you should! I'm not sure how a person couldn't enjoy them.


  1. How I love Myrna Loy and The Thin man also! I used to think when I was a teenager, that the Thin Man Series was about "the Disappering Man"!! So I avoided it like the pague! I finally found my mistake in recent years! Never too late to realize mistakes..right Caitlin: ) Love you!
    xoxo, Mom

  2. i LOVE myrna loy and the thin man series! the first time i saw myrna loy was actually in "cheaper by the dozen" which was a bit later and then i looked her up, found the thin man series, and was hooked for good. mind you i was 10 at the time. i wish movies nowadays are still like this!

  3. I have a fun story (I think) for you. My mom is 82. She and my dad were huge fans of The Thin Man. Years ago they were invited to a Halloween party and decided to go as this couple - he drew on a little moustache, she carried a stuffed dog, etc. They went all out on the costumes. Then they arrived at the party to find out it wasn't a costume party at all; apparently it was just a party that happened to be held around Halloween. (Who does that?) But the host thought it was funny, so they awarded them best costume.


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