Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mini Deer Plaque has been featured in an Etsy treasury! It's been a while since I've been featured in a treasury, and this one feels like it could be a front page contender! Very exciting. Kristin (her vintage shop is having a sale, by the way) told me I was featured in a front page treasury once before, but I have no idea what item it was, and I was a bit surprised because at that time I think I had only vintage items in my shop (you don't see vintage items on the front page all that often..though slowly, more and more!). Anyway, I can't get a screen capture for some reason?? I click the "print screen" key and go to paste it in photoshop, but it doesn't show up..just whatever it was that I copied and paste prior shows up. So if you'd like to see the treasury, click on over here.


  1.'s a really great list too..lots of good stuff...but your deer plaque really stands out..I love all white! I left a comment on the treasury too!

  2. haha yeah I'm really impressed with the overall composition of the treasury actually haha..those are my favorite ones.
    Glad you like the deer - Thanks for the compliment, Corinne!

  3. here's a screen shot of the treasury:

    i was just flipping through your blog b/c i really like your deer plaques, and i read this post and realized i might be the one who put your item in a treasury.

    a little late, but i thought you might still like it. :)

  4. yes that was the one! aw :) thanks so much for stopping by..i'm glad you saw this post! you have a blog as well? i can't get to it..sometimes blogger does that.

  5. your welcome!

    i don't have a blog. but my website is :)


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