Thursday, November 01, 2007

Did you have a fun Halloween? Anything out of the ordinary happen? We had a few more trick-or-treaters than last year..but nothing amazing. Not a lot of kids I guess. It's still so weird to me that, at least here, trick-or-treating starts at like..4:30..maybe officially at 5..and ends at 7pm! I'm pretty sure that's about when we'd start when I was little? Maybe 6:30.. Totally crazy. I remember when we first moved here from Michigan, I was in fifth grade and we came here a day before Halloween..I was so surprised that no one seemed to know about Devil's Night..which I guess isn't a bad thing..growing up outside of Detroit, I thought it was the same idea as well, Christmas eve..that every holiday had an eve that was just as fun as the actual day haha. Thankfully being a suburb of the city, it was always to my knowledge a far cry from what often would go on downtown..we'd wake up to eggs and toilet paper (which I viewed as festive decorations) while the city would have cars on fire, at the least.

Anyway..James came over here last night and, along with my parents, we spent most of the night watching TAPS Ghost Hunters Live hahaha...which I'd never seen before..but realized someone once tried to explain the show to me.. I guess these two guys were Roto-Routers prior to taking on the ghost field haha. Anyway, we were all pretty amazed by the whole being live concept haha. It was 6 hours long! I didn't watch it all..later on I flipped between channels..but yeah..I am a sucker for that stuff.


In other exciting news..I am a part of Creature Comforts' Holiday Gift Guide! You can view the guide here. Lots of great shops! the moment all of the Mini Deer Plaques that are in solid white with the flowers are sold out..but if you are wanting one, email me or contact me through Etsy and I will reserve one for you when they are ready!

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