Monday, November 26, 2007

It's true! Not only will you receive the gift charm free with every purchase from Nice, you will now receive a VINTAGE deer ornament with your purchase of $40 or more!
Those of you who subscribe to the mailing list already got a few days head start on this offer, so hurry! The vintage deer are not lasting long!

Skip on over to to see the brand new handmade and vintage goods!

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Mine was laid back..seems it always is. I made a pie found in Domino magazine..chocolate pecan pie.. I made it because James really loves pecan pie, and I don't haha..I just like chocolate, so I figured this must be the perfect compromise. ..It wasn't so great, and I actually don't think it was me! (I'm not a big fan of cooking/baking..I only get spurts of inspiration every now and then). The recipe called for bakers chocolate to take the edge off off the pecan sweetness..maybe milk chocolate would have been ok though. I don't know haha.

Any interesting stories from the weekend?


  1. oh my, that deer ornament is the cutest thing ever! i was dragging my feet on placing an order, but now i'll be right over :)

  2. i really love them, too! hoping i can end up keeping just one for myself!

  3. Oh, the deer are so adorable! What a sweet idea. :)

  4. oops! I forgot to mention your "Deer and Deer Again" is in the Etsy Gift Guide. Here's the link:


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