Monday, January 14, 2008

Does anyone else watch The Wire? It's the first and only television drama I have ever watched (besides Twin Peaks I guess) and I've seen every episode haha. I highly recommend it, though I do look away through most of the violent scenes!


  1. Yep. Looks like McNulty is finally living up to his Bubs-given nickname of McNutty.

    Watching it On Demand.

  2. Katie...have you seen it yet? maybe you are in it but you dont even know.

    stuffed...hello. haha i think he's the same as always. i hope his lady friend from the docks doesn't disappear though maybe she already has?

  3. i dont have cable, maybe you can illegally download it and put it on an illegal dvd and then send it to me in the mail illegally???

    think it over. i'd like to start from episode 1, por favor.

  4. i watch and love it!


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