Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cathy of Douglas & Hope has just begun a blog! She's a very busy shop owner, as well as a mom of twins, so any glimpse she has time to give is appreciated haha. She just posted a photo today of the Fitzroy shop window. Can you spy my Mini Deer Plaque amongst all of the other eye candy? (click to enlarge)

Sigh. I seriously hope I can one day get to this shop. Have any of you been? Do you live in Australia or did you visit?


  1. Hi Caitlin,
    Your mom emailed me with your link and asked if I knew of Douglas and Hope. I love that store, it's fantastic. A great mix of lots of beautiful goodies. I remember when they started out years ago. I've got a couple of things from there.
    Wow your deer plaque has made such a long trip here!!!
    Natasha : )

  2. hahah thanks for stopping by! you are so lucky to have it near you! I'm positive it would be a favorite spot of mine as well.
    those deer did indeed have a long journey..i'm sure they are loving the weather ;)

  3. hehehe, the deer wouldn't know what hit them with this weather! You would love the whole area, Fitzroy has the coolest shops - I know you would want to spend days just going through them all : )


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