Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear people who love winter,

Do you still love winter come late February and so forth? What in the world inspires you to love winter so much? Every year I just want to sleep all day and inspiration only comes in short spurts. Crummy, crummy winter time. I need sun and to be able to go out and not feel sloppy in the same boots over and over in the same sloppy snow. Each year seems to be more and more challenging. I like it here, but I wonder if this isn't the place I should live. I've always thought I enjoy the Midwest because of the changing seasons..I enjoy autumn, and when it finally becomes springtime, but these blah months right before spring, so much time is wasted! I think I could appreciate sunny warm weather all year round and not let it go to waste.


  1. I could have written this post. I like early December but by the time February rolls around, I am permanently surly and sad all at the same time. GO AWAY WINTER!

  2. I keep reading about everyone's Feb Blues. My husband is from Minnesota and he tried to explain it to me when I thought we should move there.
    Guess what? We're still in California!

  3. anabela - for real! it's horrible..we are getting more snow as i type this :(

    anonymous - haha that is funny. i think it hits some people more than others..i was explaining the blahs to my boyfriend the other day and he doesn't really get it?! ..have you always lived in california? i wonder if the blahs wouldn't phase you like they do your husband? haha


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