Thursday, May 15, 2008

I updated and organized the About Me section. Not too shabby.

In other news I am trying really hard to organize what little space I have. It is really hard. How I dream of a huge open space with natural light, white floors, large work table, lots of storage....but doesn't everybody? Any tips or consoling words for a girl whose been at home-home for a year now and has had to cram all of her things after living on her own into her bedroom thus turning it into a storage space. I still can't figure a way to turn my bedroom from a storage space into a live-able space and maybe even a little bit craft-able space. We're having a garage sale tomorrow and I am trying so hard to edit. I've been doing good but I'm afraid it still won't be enough!


  1. your about me section hit home! i currently live in the city (as a student) but i am moving back home (to a small town) for the summer. i am leaving my house (well, the one i live in with 5 other girls) to one small lime green bedroom in my parents home. sigh, its no fun not having a lot of space. i have learned that under-the-bed boxes make for a clean floor. i also can't help but recommend that the less stuff you have lying around (on shelves, counters, etc.) the larger and cleaner your space will look!
    until girls like us have a space of our own we'll just have to make do and add our special and unique touch to make it our own! :)

    ps. when i am not a poor and broke student i would love to frequent your etsy shop. its full of such wonderful goodies! :)

  2. Hi Ashley! It's really a challenge, isn't it? I'm a box under bed believer myself (mine is full of magazines), so unfortunately that space is pretty much all used up already haha. i do have a lot of organizing to do now though. and dusting. yuck. ..are you living with that group of girls again next year? i remember your posts and it seemed like you all have such fun.
    ..and thanks for the shop compliment!

  3. I've been cramming all of my stuff in my room for the past 21 years it seems like!! I've never lived anywhere else, so now that I have all this space in my new apt. I don't know what to do with myself!!
    I hope you can come by sometime!

  4. I am in the same boat! Had to move back home-home for awhile and have NO CLUE where to put everything. Eeek! If you figure anything out, let me know!

    xo... :)


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