Friday, June 06, 2008

A few days back Pop Elegantiarum tagged me..and an even longer while back, Decor Amor tagged me for a similar (if not the same?) sort of survey...I'm sorry it has taken me so long! ..and I don't have a way to upload new photos at the moment, so you may have seen these before..

5 things that are in my bag...

I've posted this one before, but really, my insides haven't changed that much..
everything but the green notebook, datebook, sunglass case, craft book,
Madonna Inn postcard book, and 5 bucks, are still in my purse.

5 random things in my room... (I included the whole house since my room is full of things)

bed and book nook

I love our patio..I'll have to get a full photo of it soon. It's the perfect little spot.

Part of my fabric stash. Out of control.

View from my computer area in my room.

My pillow. My comfy bed.

Five things I've always wanted to do: Travel out of the country!! I've only been to Canada and it was very short and I was very young. Have a studio with perhaps a shop. Not worry about money. Go down a summer luge. Seriously, have any of you ever done this? They use to show parents and kids doing this during the end credits of Seasame Street..I think it was the French-Canadian version of Sesame Street - growing up near Detroit/Canada meant two kinds of Sesame Street! haha. Anyway, I think this only exists outside of the U.S. ....Ok and for number 5..hmm..I guess I've always wanted to drive around the country...or any country.

5 things I'm currently into: Mediteranean gyros but with chicken breast from a place near my parents'. The warm weather..I can't wait to figure out a time to go to Michigan and the lake. Planning bike rides and picnics. The Andy Griffith Show...I guess I've been watching it for a while now, but that's pretty much the only thing I turn on now besides TCM. Opie was so cute and I do love Don Knotts. Also I'm really into trying to make sure I take advantage of summer, especially when downtown.

My impressions of Alexa at Pop Elegantiarum (who tagged me): She is in Illinois, and that's pretty neat since I am too, but when I read her blog I always feel like she is in Georgia or something haha..maybe because I know she loves R.E.M.?? She comes across as genuine and a lot of fun with a distinct sense of style.

And last I am to list 6 quirks:
- I tend to walk on my tip-toes.
- I eat slowly (I don't think this is a quirk nor a bad habit but it seems to annoy some people!).
- I don't like to fold towels because of the way they feel on my hands.
- I have developed this embarrassing habit where I verbally acknowledge situations and how they resemble something by saying it's like something from a David Lynch movie, something in the show Arrested Development, or something from Curb Your Enthusiasm (a "Larry David Situation"). I just recently learned that my boyfriend is getting tired of this. haha.
- I was once really confident in my ability to parallel park, but it's not lost. I am always scared the owner of the car in front or behind me is watching out a window and it messes me up even though I've never hit a car.
- I am probably more goofy than you think I am.

I will tag Geriatric Couture, Field Guided, Small Souvenirs, Swonderful, and Douglas & Hope.


  1. Caitlin! Look at that fabric stash! My goodness, it's so pretty!

    And yay! I got tagged -- it's a first! I'll do it as soon as I can. I think these things are so fun to read.

  2. PS - Clicking on that summer luge photograph brought back a ton of memories I didn't even know where there!!

  3. What a lovely nook your bed is in! Cozy cozy. Thanks for obliging me!

  4. so you have been on a summer luge, anabela??

    it is a pretty cozy's totally girly and a bit over the top haha. we did it ourselves and it was pretty easy!

  5. i love getting to know someone through fun posts like this! :)

  6. oh yay!
    i've been wanting to do a purse contents picture for a while now
    once i get some film i'll be doing this!

  7. Ooh! Just saw this (I was out of town this weekend). I'll get on it tonight!

    Caitlin, your house is like a pastel dinner mint dream. I love it.

  8. Oh, sorry! I haven't -- but I remembered the end credits from Sesame Street. I wish someone had them up on YouTube.

  9. I really like those vintage sunglasses in the top picture. niiiiice!


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