Sunday, August 17, 2008

So remember I was looking for shoes to go with that yellow dress in this post? Thanks for all of your help by the way! Lots of good input. I was very close to getting either the grey ones from Zappos or some pink ones I found on Piperlime..but I ventured to a Nordstrom Rack store and found these...


There's something about neutral colors in patent leather that I am always drawn to. These are sort of a pale green, so pale that they'll probably work with all sorts of outfits. They didn't kill my feet either! I'm very picky about that and never buy shoes that feel like they'll hurt after an hour. My feet were tired by the end of the night, but no blisters or anything. And they were only $40 bucks! Half the max of what I wanted to spend.

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  1. Gorgeous shoes! I'm glad I found you blog, it looks great! I need more time to check it out!


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