Thursday, September 04, 2008

phew, it's been a while! Thanks a TON for all your input on which images to have printed. It was a huge help. If all goes well, they will be debuting at the fair! I'm really excited about them.

Today is rainy..and I don't mind. It makes for nice working weather.. I just hope we get all the rain out before the 13 and 14. I'll be working non-stop up until then, with just a couple breaks for fun. Tonight, James is dj-ing, and next week a friend's band is playing. That has seemed to be this summer's theme, sigh - only quick spots of fun. I'm not sure if I can remember a faster summer. Although, it's not over yet. As an adult, as a person not scheduled by school, it is one's duty to realize that Labor day is not the end of summer and neither is this rainy weather. There may still be plenty of warm sunny days before the crisp air arrives. Maybe I'll even make it to the beach this season...after the fair.

Do you have any last minute summer plans? Long live summer! there a Pete and Pete episode about this? It seems like there would be..


  1. my school doesn't start until september 29th... my summer still has some time left :)

  2. oh i totally agree about the quick summer. AND i think there will be many a "summery" day after we're all done with the fair. it's funny i was just complaining about this topic with jon at lunch. i was fearing that we were missing the last bits while we are working so hard but he assured me we will catch some sun after this week is over. + the forecast today looks good for renegade. so knock on wood, fingers crossed whatever superstitious thing we all have to do...i think we will be ok. :)

  3. ashley - i know you are anxious to get back to school, haha..but i hope the remainder of your summer is a lot of fun!

    sarah - yeah..i just really hope i can get to the beach! i saw on your blog you mentioned you were able to get some swimming in. i really just want to float on an innertube haha. i've been avoiding the weather because i was afraid it would freak me out too much! i'm glad to hear that so far it looks ok. i'll be knocking on tons of wood all week!

  4. My only remaining plan for the summer is to pretend that it's not ending.


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