Monday, October 27, 2008


So something pretty exciting happened last Thursday. One of my light shades was featured in the daily Etsy Finds email! As a result so many new Etsy-goers have found my shop and it's a great feeling! Check out the's funny cos a lot of the items were already marked in my own favorites. To subsribe to this awesome email, go here.

Also I have a couple bloggers to thank. Desira Pesta did a post on her blog (and totally referenced Godard when describing my things! sheesh). Have you seen her shop? You probably have. She makes really cool clothes..some dresses that I especially love.

look at how nicely both of their work goes together!

Second, Katie of The Constant Gatherer did a post on Nice as well! I am so flattered that these two ladies thought so much of my shop to mention it on their blogs. Katie is also well known to Etsy shoppers, but just in case, here is where you can visit her shop with vintage and so many pretty and thoughtful handmade pieces. She's wonderful with details! It's a bit low in stock right now, but keep your eyes peeled. Go ahead and browse through the sold items, but it won't make you feel good haha.


  1. That is a great list--I love the soft colors of all of the items. & those crochet flowers are too clever.

    Oh, and congrats!

  2. yeah it was a great selection! i love the crochet daisies!


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