Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some going ons and some have gone ons..

-- busy working on a new little project
-- waiting for nov. 4
-- my brother turned 22. sheesh.
-- went to the world's largest corn maze with some was silly fun running under a bright moon and pretending it was a bit scary..mild temperatures were just cool enough to pick out one of the camp fires that were set up everywhere, just waiting for you.
-- thank you very much Teresa and Alicia for saying such nice things about my work. i'm feeling very inspired..
-- been trying to make sense of our living room..long and divided by James' work/music area and a living area...we need to find an affordable solution for so much vinyl..any ideas? where do you keep your records?
-- in the living area i hung up one of the vintage lace styles of light shades and it looks sooo good. my favorite shade constantly rotates..
-- illinois residents: do you have a favorite cider mill with delicious donuts and other tasty autumn treats?? let me in on your secret!
-- i made that image up there with a collage maker found via the free people blog. it's a good quick eye candy solution.

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