Monday, November 17, 2008

Last night we made a pizza and it was delicious..

Delicious Pizza!

We ended up getting a pre-made was pretty good! I was a little worried.. We loaded up tons of veggies and cheese..and a tad too much tomato sauce. So easy and so yummy..I hope we have it again soon.

Pretty Christian Lacroix Evian BottlePretty Christian Lacroix Evian Bottle

Also was excited to find the Christian Lacroix Evian bottles at Target. I remember seeing them around last year, especially in the photos of people who live in France. Were they only available there at first? Is it weird that I'm excited by this? It's just so pretty..


  1. OOOOOOH! I'm excited as well! LOVE the bottles! :)

    ps. thank you for such a sweet comment on my post!

  2. I think I saw those bottles at Whole Foods last year! They are pretty!

  3. hi ashley - i thought you'd like them too. :)

    hello anabela - wow i totally missed them! although i wasn't really shopping there last year (too far away). I kinda wish it didn't say christian lacroix haha..or evian for that matter...

  4. Aah, thanks :))
    Love that bottle !



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