Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To expand on my early morning 'hooray!'... James and I decided to make our way to Butler Field, just north of Grant Park where the Obama rally was taking place. We thought were were going out to grab some food but decided to go for the once in a life time opprotunity. I'm very glad we did. It was an amazing night, and we'll remember it always. We were so fortunate with the weather- Can you believe it got up to the 70s in the day time? Perfect timing. Because we didn't head out with the full intention of going to the park, I didn't have a camera with charged batteries! That was a huge bummer..but like I said, it was an evening we'll never forget. I am confident that our country is not just changing, but most importantly growing. And coming together. Bringing our values and minds and hearts and hopes and ambitions and ideals and everything, all the goodness that we have in each of us, together to confirm our great country. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we can do it, together.



  1. it was AMAZING. jon and i were there too. :) i have pictures up on my flickr. yay!

  2. i was hoping you would! i thought of you when my batteries wouldn't work even for just one shot! :)
    totally know what you mean about the peace sign comment hahah i had that exact feeling.


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