Thursday, December 18, 2008

need a little xmas..






I only took out the basics, a few favorites from my Christmas stash this year.. There's still time, so a few more things might come out- and a girl I work with gave me this totally great vintage garland today, so that will have to be hung, but I've got to say I'm enjoying having just a few things to grab your attention and warm things up a bit. We'll see, I might have a few other detials to photograph and share.

My Mom of course made the little house. She gave it to me a while back..I think this will be its third Christmas. She actually made a few more like it and she has them available in her shop right now.

Oh and is a photo of our rascal cat Constable, the first year we had the house..



No villages were damaged.


  1. Very cute Constable!
    I must say that you have made your Christmas Decor warm and inviting!
    I especially like how the deer is placed!

  2. i love all the vintage. just love them! when my grandma passed last year the only thing i wanted was all of her lovely xmas decorations. i'm bringing them back with me this holiday. they just don't make cute ones like these anymore..lovely collection! thx for your note! have a happy holiday as well. :)

  3. awww so cute! I love your little holiday touches! Perfectly done! :)

  4. thank you everyone!

    sarah- that's so great! i agree, vintage xmas decorations are so magical. it's always nice dreaming up stories to go with thrift and flea finds, but when they are handed down, that's soooo much more special. i hope you post photos of them!

  5. You've got a nice and beautiful
    blog girl!


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