Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Check out this pose..that cocked pro over hear..too bad it's not school picture day. haha and the keyhole in my bangs..every now and then they really want to part in the middle. This is what I wore out and about today! In February. In the Midwest. No jacket! Pretty wonderful. I hope it's fairly smooth sailing from here.

I'm wearing my new absolute most favorite necklace...

ALPS necklace

I seriously love it. It couldn't be more "me". I got it from ALPS, by the quite talented Ana Laura Perez.


  1. You are too cute! I love the colors you chose to wear! Especially your bright and cheery yellow cardigan and your aqua/mint blue jumper! Wonderfully put together! And your necklace is cute too! :)

  2. love this outfit
    i want that jumper. is it vintage or new?
    i have a cardigan that color. i never wore yellow until recently and now i find myself wanting to wear that sweater a lot
    pretty necklace too

  3. hey ashley! haha thank you..the jumper is actually white and black striped! haha think railroad overalls. looking at it now i can see how it appears that color- that's funny. i know! i love that necklace so much!

    hello sew nancy! it's perfect to throw on- i got it a few years ago at Anthropologie. and i've had this cardigan for so long now haha i keep trying to find a replacement but it's really difficult! sigh, it's getting old and worn :( it really is a good color!


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