Friday, February 06, 2009

Image inspired by Flip Flop Flyin. Yes, I use to have brown with pink hair...blonde with black too.

I was just thinking back to the websites I would visit while in high school, during web class or during lunch in the computer lab.. -- I would spend a lot of time here..this was very long ago. maybe 11th that is 1999, 2000. -- I loved this site haha. I haven't been to it in a while. But yeah. I loved it. I made my own mini pixel pictures..sooo many (see above, just one example). He did a site for Colette that I really loved as well, and still do: -- I remember watching their animations in the computer lab..but a lot of times the school's computers couldn't handle them and would crash. Here is a link to their new site:
And! what's pretty amazing is, I noticed the other day that they hearted one of my light shades! I saw their Etsy username and wondered if it could be them, and it was. Pretty, pretty neat, haha. -- music and things -- I haven't been to this in a while.. -- haven't been here in a while either. I use to keep track of their features. -- I use to like this firm..interestingly enough, their site was once way less professional and way more visually appealing. Also if I remember right, they were part of this kind of real, kind of fake band thing called Sweden that was pretty neat, at least to a high school me. Does anyone happen to know what I'm talking about? -- I loved this site. I found so much music on here.. and they had a really good streaming radio..I wish they still did.

I know there were more.... I also went to a lot of record label websites...and various fashion sites. I wanted to be a d.j. and graphic designer.

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