Friday, March 06, 2009

The other week was my Mom's birthday. I really enjoy picking out gifts for my mom. This year I got her a sentimental present..She showed me a little vintage doll that was for sale on a website. She said it was very similar to a doll that my Grandpa brought home for her and one of my Aunts when they were sick with the flu. It was a very special treat as they were a large family of 8 and gifts were reserved for birthdays and Christmas. I don't have a photo of the doll..maybe later.


The other gift was a surprise ball! haha This was a ton of fun to make and gather all of the goodies to go inside. I used a gumball prize container as the center, and just wrapped pieces of crepe paper around and around, hiding little treasures along the way.


I got a lot of the treasures from Amanda's awesome shop, Bake it Pretty, as well as on Etsy through Epoch Beads, Mousy Brown, and Caramelos. The beautiful blue vase (it was even difficult for me to give it away to my own Mom, haha) I got from a local antique store.


We had Oberweis for dessert. Do any of you Illinois people love Oberweis as well? I don't dig the politics but I can't deny my love of their ice cream. I've tried. You can see that I snuck some candy flowers from Bake it Pretty into my Mom's mint chocolate chip ice cream.

My Mom really brings out my girly side..though I wonder if I've really shown you all my not completely girly side? haha Believe me, I got it.


  1. I love your present to your mom! It looks like it was a pretty fun party. Also, you may have seen this ( already, but I didn't see it on your links list so I thought I would show it to you since it pretty much reminded me instantly of you and your style as soon as I saw it.


    P.S. Thank you for posting a comment on my blog! It's my first one. :)

  2. hey keiko! it was a fun little family gathering, yes haha. ..the name of that blog seems familiar but the blog itself does not..i am loving it! very, very pretty photos and things! thanks for sharing it, i've subscribed.

  3. So sweet, just like everything you do! Aren't mom's the best?
    Thanks so much for the mention!

  4. My pleasure Amanda! Your shop is super addicting!

    Hi Chelsea! I really is the perfect shade of blue..and it's the first time I've found anything like it!


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