Thursday, April 23, 2009

I wish this suit could be mine. From Lover.
any other suggestions for pretty vintagey a bit more affordable suits out there? 2 piece or 1. i love one pieces but in the end a 2 piece might be more flattering on me. got any links?

in other news i got a straw hat today. i couldn't resist. it is not like the one above though.


  1. I like this yellow( bathing suit that I saw on Oh Joy awhile back. What would make it awesome for me is if it was plaid instead. But I do like yellow, too.

  2. hahah that was one of the two or 3 one pieces i was thinking about! i hate that they don't have more images of it. i would have gotten black- that yellow is a bit too orange for my complexion. thanks keiko!

  3. All of the Lover stuff is so super nice! Hayden-Harnett has some cute suits, but they're expensive. Rhiannon posted about them not too long ago - they look better in her post than on the HH site:

    Have you checked Free People/Urban/Anthropologie? Sometimes they get stuff that's similar to the fancypants designs, but (a little) less spendy.

  4. yeah i saw the hayden harnett ones! i like that blue one a lot, but yeah..i thought about just getting the bottom and putting it with a cute top but i dunno...yeah they don't really look that great on the model.

    i might get this vintage style suit from urban in black..they had it last yeat too i think. just not sure how it will look on me though. anthro has a cute one that i may consider if that one doesn't work out. i wish i could find one with a cute pattern or something.

  5. That suit is super cute. I wish pretty much every item in that collection could be mine.

    I'd love to get a vintagey suit this year too but haven't started looking yet. Let us know if you come across any good affordable ones :)

  6. i ordered one's oooookay..i'll have to let you all know how it fits and everything..

    i wish it could all be mine as well!


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