Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sarah posted about Church and State today (via Unruly Things) and wow! So many pretty pieces in their collections.. I thought they were completely new to me but upon browsing their site I remembered seeing this dress on Frolic. I l o v e it. I wish it could be mine. I love that it is silk, i love the vertical stripes, the shade of blue, the appliques, and the back! UH! (Imagine I just threw my hand to my heart). I would wear it every day this summer. I really would. I feel like it's something you could have for a long time.
So what's up with it being different on Le Train Bleu site? Has anyone seen the version shown above available anywhere?


  1. this one is great too! it's hard to pick a favorite...

  2. wow! the lighting on those photos is so strange, different and WONDERFUL! and the makeup, also so fresh!

  3. Found ittt --

  4. oh good work!
    wanna buy it for me now?


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