Friday, April 03, 2009

Sarah reminded me of these tulip photos today..Isn't it amazing? Tulip fields. My family once took a trip to southern California and we happened upon a farm with a hillside full of was wonderful and you could run down the side and see the colors go by. Sarah mentioned that they are her favorite flower for their resiliency, and that's so true. My mom always plants them and around this time keeps a close watch and gives us the report. They're up and sprouting and will bloom soon..

When I was in elementary school in Michigan, every year we'd be able to go outside and plant tulip bulbs around the grounds! It was one of my favorite things, despite not having a green thumb. If you really want a tulip fix, you can head to Holland, Michigan for their tulip festival. That's not where I'm from, but I've been there several times (though I haven't been to the festival). I bet it would be a nice little day trip..from Chicago it's just a few hours, and you can drive along the lake!

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  1. oh wow, i had no idea about holland michigan! crazy.


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