Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I recently signed up for Twitter, mostly because Anabela did. I look forward to hearing what she's up to, and I knew she was just as hesitant about Twitter as I was, so I took the plunge shortly after she did. ...But I haven't really used it yet, haha. Within the last few years I've become really sensitive to sensory overload on the internet. I don't know if it's just me getting older, or if it's because my life has gotten more chaotic (which it certainly has), but my impression of Twitter is that it may just add to the chaos. So it's Twitter, as in birds twittering..rather than relate it to the lighthearted twittering chirping of a bird, to me it seems more like the sound of several birds hurriedly gathering before a storm. Although, there's even a method to that madness.
I do realize Twitter's potential. Since signing up, with out even Twittering, several fellow bloggers and crafters have found my page! And sure I want to hear what they have to say, but can I keep up?

I even slack off on my blog reading. Actually, it's not so much slack, it's just that I savor reading my favorite blogs, haha. It's a horrible habit. I let the entries pile and pile in my Google Reader- but really, I can't be the only one with 1000+ entries to read, can I?? It's endless! The blogs that post several times daily, those really pile up. But when I make time for them, I take the time to sit and enjoy them. I follow links and research. I'm trying to become quicker with my closer friends and their blogs, I've learned that you'll really miss out if you save those for later.

Speaking of things to not miss out on, Anabela is giving away this quarter's Lula! I was panicking a couple weeks back because I couldn't find it at the usual bookstore..I was so happy when it finally came in (bookstores are in such an odd place now- I thought they'd cut back on their imported magazines). BUT GUESS WHAT- even though I was so excited to find it, I haven't even OPENED it yet. What is UP with this quirk I have? I guess I'm waiting for a time when I really need to take a break..when I can really appreciate it. I'm only 1/25th of the way through a long ago Frankie..I still need the newest one..I think when I find that one I'll be ok to finish it.


  1. Aw, dude. I have a package of goodies to send you. Vintage Michigan tray, maybe? Don't worry too much about Twitter. It is actually kind of manageable. I had to stop following a couple of peeps because they are Etsy sellers and tweet EVERY SINGLE ITEM they list. It gets annoying to feel like you're being advertised too all the time. Like, every other tweet in my timeline. Too aggressive for me, for sure.

  2. i agree with anabella. some people use it to advertise which is just kind of snarky. i feel people should limit that a little more. lately i've been following jim gaffigan & michael ian black & other comedians that make me chuckle. i tried to search for you. couldn't find nice etc....

  3. I agree also..I think twitter should be a place for random bits that make you least that is what i am imagining to get out of it!
    sarah, it's just haha..i didn't link very well up there did i? the two of you alone will make twitter worth it haha

  4. I have to say, I really resisted twitter too. I've mostly enjoyed it, and found it's pretty easy to manage--maybe even easier than blogs. & I don't feel as behind when I don't log in for days the way I do with my reader.

  5. yeah i see your point..i'm still having troubles though haha. just so much at once..random stuff.


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