Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anabela tagged me to contribute my list of five "always-es" and five "nevers." The rules are that these must be fashion-related, that I have to tag three people, and that I can post any pictures I would like to post.


1. Cute dresses. I'll never tire of them..and I really enjoy seeing how my tastes evolve and even fall back to where they were before. This 90's revival, which I admittedly have been craving for a few years now, is odd because it's the first I feel like I actually took part in when I was am I old or is the trend gap closing in??? It feels like right now it's a vintage free-for-all. All decades can look good. This is crazy to me as well as really interesting and neat.

Default Necklace for Each Day

2. My default necklace is a cheap vintage Avon find, shown above.

Ring from Chain Chain

3. I love this ring. I got it from Regina of Chain Chain Chained last fall at the Renegade Fair. I made her a banner for her booth and this was part of my payment! I wear it on my index finger.

4. Comfortable shoes. If I know they'll hurt, I have to know I'll be sitting a lot or something like that haha.

5. Foundation and mascara. Ok not always mascara. But I have always had problematic skin and I can't ever leave the house with out a bit of make up or I'll feel crappy. It sucks.

This is hard because I have found myself sometimes crossing over to the side of 'nevers'. Still, I don't think I ever have or ever will cross over to these..

1. Preppy attire..modern day preppy attire. Too constricted and stuffy.

2. Brands displayed on clothing. even if I like the brand, i think. When Louis Vuitton was pretty popular, yet still before it was everywhere, I found a real bag (or at least it is the closest knock off I have seen..which could be) at a thrift store..I never used it. Too odd.

3. Club wear.

4. Sweatpants. And having them say 'pink' on the bum is not dressing them up.

5. Work out clothing. I try so hard to get around it. I almost bought a cute tunic on sale from Urban the other day..I was going to wear it with little shorts when I play tennis.

So there you have it! haha
I will tag Neon Relish, Cursive, and Small Adventure.

Thanks, Anabela!


  1. Oh! Thanks for doing this! I love that Avon necklace! I was just thinking this morning that I should dig up some of the pictures of me from like 1993 wearing floral babydoll dresses and a denim jacket. Oh man. I know what you mean about foundation. I just feel wrong if I'm not wearing it -- but I buy foundation with SPF in it so I convince myself that I'm actually protecting my skin!

  2. Ooh, fun! And funny - your #4 Never made me laugh, it's so true. Count me in as well on Always #5, the foundation factor - it's such a drag, but I feel weird without it!

  3. Wow, thanks for tagging me for your survey-ish thing! That's so nice! I definitely agree with many of your nevers. Sweatpants, club clothing...yuck. That bow ring is so cool! Also, here is my new blog address: I just realized that my old one is linked up to your site. This is why I should've just started with blogspot so as not to confuse people! Oh, dear. So sorry to inconvenience you with that. But thank you again for tagging me! I will write my lists soon!

  4. cheap and vintage are two of my favorite words! :)


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