Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey! I'm excited to let you know that the oh so nice Melissa invited me to her Tea & Talk series!
Head on over..I hope you enjoy. Some of those were some life-evaluating questions!

Also, can I add, in that photo I am holding a container of chocolate as big as my head.


  1. i just read it. i saved it for my little afternoon break. (i didn't have tea though i had an izze peach soda) it was delightful! (p.s. how cute are you in that pic?!)

  2. hahah aww thanks sarah :)
    that photo is so old!

    i need a peach soda right about now..

  3. Ditto what Sarah said! I actually saved and read your interview during an afternoon tea break, too, ha! And, I have to echo her sentiment regarding your photo as well - so darn cute! (And if you're not worn out from answering questions - I tagged you over on my blog...) :)


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