Sunday, June 28, 2009


My birthday was nice. James and I just played it by ear. We brought a sort of brunch to the lakefront and hung out there for a while. It was warm, but not so bad close to the water. If you haven't noticed by now, haha, I pretty much wish I could be near the water every day of my life. I wish I could spend a winter by the water in Michigan, just to know if I could make it through all of their snowfall....I think that being by the water just might out weight the cons of snow. Maybe. Thoughts?



so much blue

After that we thought about renting bikes since I didn't bring mine and James' is injured...but I wasn't wearing the best shoes (didn't want to ruin them), which I felt crummy about. So we decided to walk in search of swan boats..and walk and walk. Boy, was it hot. And you know what, those swan boats don't exist. I think their area is under construction. It was pretty disappointing. I really wanted to go out on a boat haha. It was an adventure though because we ended up strolling through the zoo- I am not a zoo person. Just not that into it. But it was fine to stroll through it.. also took a quick walk through the conservatory (it was hot, haha).


These two were quite a pair.



I'm not sure what these flags were for? But they were pretty..



Had a nice light dinner outside at Irazu because Kuma's had a huge line even on a Tuesday. It's getting old. Then had some ice cream and watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm. I was having serious withdrawals after not seeing it in maybe over a year! It was a nice and casual bday.



  1. happy belated birthday
    super cute outfit

  2. happy belated! looks like you had fun! xo meghan

  3. AAAAAHHH you are so cute I can't even stand it!

  4. Your blog is super duper cute. So is that hat. And those sunglasses.
    And you live in Chicago? I'm moving there in a month! How neat.

  5. sew nancy, thank you! i was proud of this thrift score haha.

    faith! hello! how are you? i could totally see you in this outfit actually.

    hey meghan! thanks for the bday wishes :)

    hahah anabela whatevzz

    hello dearilou! i'm heading to your blog to say more of a hello..

  6. Your etsy shop is great, I didn't realise you had a blog too though. I absolutely love your little cloche style hat here!

  7. Oh my gosh, you share a birthday with my partner-in-crime - we managed to get into Kuma's that day before the line - it's nuts, right? Also, in other coincidences, I, too went looking for the swan boats just this past weekend! They are indeed under construction. :( I love that photo of the flags at the Conservatory - it was closed when I was there, but I really want to go back sometime!

  8. Hello Hannah! thank you very much :)

    casey- i seriously am amazed at how we so often are on the same page via our whereabouts in this city haha. did you see that kuma's is having a block party soon? i'm thinking it might be crazy overwhelming but at the least i want to drive or walk by haha.
    why couldn't they have done the construction in the early early spring?? i hope the swans are back soon!

    thank you ambika for the bday wishes!

  9. Great minds think alike! :) I heard about the Kuma's block party - I can't wait to see how long the line is for that, haha! And I agree about the swan construction - seriously!


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