Friday, June 26, 2009

PHEW! Some of you may have read that I intended to debut the vintage collection on Tuesday...but my birthday, and later on the endless bummer of constant splitting headaches (not related to any sort of birthday hangover, for better or worse), sort of got in the way. I hope it was worth the wait!
And please don't forget to enter the giveaway Danni is having on her blog :)

Thank you all so much for the birthday well wishes!


  1. i really think this might to come visit Paris !
    Oh !
    Thanks a billion for being so nice !

  2. you look so cute in all these pics! part of me thinks you should keep all of these for yourself! hee.

  3. chic so chic- hello! how are you? you are too sweet :)

    haha sarah, thank you. so many me's up there :-/
    there are a few things that i am really hoping stick around for a while haha. i might pull them out...

  4. Oh my goodness! Everything looks gorgeous. Vintage from nice! Exciting :) Happy birthday too!


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