Monday, June 08, 2009


We made it to the flea market this weekend..I was very, very picky. Maybe it was the unexpected CHILLY weather accompanied by windy sprinkles of rain. I was fast, but not too fast, and very efficient. I just came home with some very pretty scarves from various decades, random jewelry bits, and old photos. James and I had a lot of fun digging together through the piles and trading back and forth the ones that made us go "wow", "ha", or "oh man". haha I'll have to scan our finds a bit later.

The lady and feline up top was one of the things I resisted. It was more than I wanted to pay, even after a lazy bargain attempt. I'll live vicariously through this photo. How random is this though? What is UP with that cat? Is he not happy to be in such a striking lady's arms? I hope I don't terribly regret not snagging this and putting it in a different frame....


  1. I was looking at google, and I found your blog. You wrote about my shop because your brother bought a purse from me a few years ago. I like your blog!

  2. Hey! glad you found that post :) I still love that bag very much. my most favorite part about it is that the embroidery is on both sides!

  3. I would have bought that sexy lady and her frightened feline! It has such a weird contrast of expressions!

  4. unrelated to flea market cats but related to you

  5. april.. UGH. i have been staring at it and i do regret it....oh well..good finds will come again?

    mia! hahaha that is so good..thank you and i have to repost this


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