Thursday, July 30, 2009

I created a Flickr Group! It's sort of random, but I feel like a lot of you may enjoy it and like to take part in it. Here is what it is about..I hope this is at least fairly coherent!

Sequins and frills and lace and glitter: a guilty pleasure or a way of life, I think all girls are somewhat naturally drawn to these sorts of things.

This group is about those vintage finds that just couldn't be passed up despite the possibility of never having a proper place to be worn, not being your size, usual style, or perhaps they are just too delicate to be worn, etc. Of course, this group is also for those of you who have created a proper place to wear that special piece! This is a place to share your obsessive passion for old, beautiful things and the inspiration drawn from these vintage pieces.

Feel free to post an antidote to go along with your photo- I'm sure there's always some sort of a story! Perhaps you have the garment hanging as part of the decor in your home- take a photo of the whole room and a close up of the piece!

So yes! I hope you'll join me and share all of your beautiful finds! <3


  1. I just joined your group and posted...because I love a good vintage dress as a window treatment!

  2. This is brilliant! Good thinking. Now I just have to get my act together and open a Flickr account, something I've been meaning to do forever, anyway! :)


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