Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you seen Anabela of Fieldguided's Halloween costume? It's inspired by these fantastic bunny ears. So cute. My favorite Halloween costume so far this year.

Tonight I was working on a project that allowed me to put on a Netflix instant watch, and I chose How to Steal a Million. I guess I hadn't seen that one since high school..perhaps longer! I'd forgotten little bits..including the fantastic lace mask Audrey wears to her mysterious engagement at the Ritz!

It begins at 1 minute into the trailer. I love her glittering eyelids underneath. Whoever had that idea was a genius. I can only assume the outfit was Givenchy.

ALSO I must strongly suggest you head to Anabela's post in which she's hosting a giveaway from All Modern. I've got my eye on that Tord Boontje light!


  1. I watched that last week. Stunning!

  2. I know it's probably sacrilege but I think How to Steal a Million might be my favorite Audrey movie. That or Charade.

  3. I love this movie! And that outfit she wears is to die for!

  4. haha it's funny because this movie was much, much better than i had remembered!

  5. i watched this on the weekend! its one of my favourites, peter o'tooles blue blue eyes and her fathers moustache!!! gorgeous.


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