Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as?
James and I made it to Lula Cafe..every year they dress up as a different restaurant, and this year it was Hot Doug's. mmmm it was well worth the wait and very delicious. Later we went to celebrate our friend's birthday which was was a very easy Halloween haha. To top it off, the following morning we met that same birthday friend and another for brunch at the Publican which was also very delicious. Food was the theme of the weekend it seems..James even cooked a yummy dinner Sunday night!
It was fun driving through the city seeing everyone out in costume..even the morning after, on our way to brunch I spotted someone still in their banana suit, and another still in bat wings. I think my favorite costume this year was a girl dressed as the boy from The Red Balloon. She had the right hair color and cut, a grey sweater and of course a huge red balloon. When I complimented her on her costume she was quick to point out to her friends that someone actually got her costume. ha.

So it was a nice time. Now, I'm actually sick! May have caught something my friends or dad had. On and off fever and horrible cough and sore throat. No fun. James has been taking care of me though and I'm hoping to be better by tomorrow!


  1. Ooh, I didn't know they did that at Lula Cafe, that's hilarious! I'll have to check it out next year. Feel better!

  2. Aw, get well soon! I love the idea of the boy from The Red Balloon as a costume - that is pretty great - and I had no idea about Lula! Holy cow, I will be sure to catch that next year. Very clever all-around!

  3. I went as a nurse courtesy of a shirt dress from the thrift store. It was definitely a fun night.


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