Thursday, December 17, 2009

Garland Lights Tutorial

The other night my Mom and I made a bit of time to do some holiday projects together. We've both been really busy this year and we were so happy to relax and make some things for ourselves, haha. 

I am a huge fan of Christmas lights. My current favorite are just from Ikea. They are LED so they don't get hot..and they seem to have a more simple and modern feel to them vs. the ones you find at the regular local store (right? or am I buying into Ikea's design aesthetic? haha). I also love them because they are not bright blueish-white, but a nice subtle whitish-yellow. We also used regular old Christmas lights, but please, please practice caution no matter what lights you use...and just to be safe, don't leave them on while you're not at home.


Needed: silver pipe cleaners, tulle (I used light pink) cut into small pieces, about 3x4 inches each, felt (I used grey), glitter glue (easy and no mess, I used silver), scissors

It's quite simple! Take a single pipe cleaner, wrap one creating a circle about an inch round, secure it in place by wrapping one end over the other once or twice so it won't come undone. Place 1 or two fingers into the circle and wrap the end around your fingers, creating smaller and smaller circles, like a cyclone shape.

Take two pieces of the tulle scraps (or as many as you'd like) and sort of scrunch them around a single light, secure them to the strand by inserting the light into the middle of the pipe cleaner "cyclone". Use the tail end to wrap around the tulle and the light strand, securing it in place.


I also cut out scalloped circles, or flowers,  from grey felt, and embellished them with glitter on both sides. Cut an x in the middle of the flower to insert it onto the bulb. Due to the design of my light strand, I needed to keep the flower in place, so I wrapped a quarter of a single pipe cleaner around the "stem" of the bulb.  I also did this to random lights just for subtle touch of sparkle.



For the second style you'll need: Gold pipe cleaners, felt (I used white), glitter glue (I used iridescent, silver, and pink), cupcake liners (I am addicted to Amanda's cupcake liners at Bake it Pretty!), scissors.


I placed everything randomly on this strand, I didn't want it to look theme-y, if that makes sense. I made more "cyclones" in gold pipe cleaners, but without tulle this time. I also cut out star-like shapes from the felt and used glitter on both sides, again cutting and x in the middle, sliding it on and securing it with a quarter of 1 gold pipe cleaner. I was very excited to use my cupcake liners, I just cut them like my felt designs and secured them as well.


Garland Lights

Totally easy and so cute! My mom and I are really excited about the pipe cleaner "cyclones" (or bells as we were calling them at the time). I haven't seen this done before, but it seemed like such a natural thing, haha.

Hobbes the Cat

If you decide to make your own I'd LOVE to see! The possibilities are endless.. A couple years ago my mom wrapped our lights in tinsel- they are beautiful! I am anxious to get makin' even more styles..cos you know I keep these around all year, right? haha I really enjoy them- I hope you will as well!


  1. so cute! love your cat too! gonna have to make an ikea run soon...

  2. Love Love your garland-so many sweet things together to love...cupcake liners, the pipe cleaner bells, the stars-its so pretty and light...made by Christmas fairies! Xoxo Happy Holidays!!
    ps. love your handsome cat too! xo

  3. Oooooh totally beautiful! thanks for sharing...I love silver pipe cleaners! [now I have some new ideas for them!]

  4. You guys are amazing! One day I'll have to have you come over and sparkle up my apartment. Fun!

    Oh sweet kitty!

  5. thanks so much everyone! let me know if you do your own version! it's a perfect snowed-in activity and is quite rewarding in the end! haha


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