Saturday, January 09, 2010



At Christmas James and I made goat cheese pear tarts. Sarah of Cursive was a guest on Design Sponge a year ago and I've been wanting to make these ever sense. I am not a big fan of cooking or baking at this point in my life..but this was simple and quite delicious! See more delicious pictures and the recepie here.

We also made some cherry tarts because some people in my family don't like goat cheese (which I still can't get over- I am addicted to it!)..but I am a huge fan of cherry pie of all kinds haha so this was good too..and very easy.

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  1. awesome!! i'll have to try cherry now. ;) this is funny. i haven't made these for a long long time and i just ought the ingredients to make them tomorrow. ha. (oh and the tart you asked about on my blog was actually a rosette. a crunchy scandinavian cookie. very yum)


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