Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cat's Meow and Other Things

Things have been pretty busy around here! The Detroit show went well and I'm glad we could make it out there..would be nice to do it again next year if we can get there during the holidays (it can be so hard to drive there in winter with lake effect snow!). It was nice to meet new people and put names to faces. As soon as I got home it was back to work on custom orders. I've got a lot going on with that which is exciting..and a lot of hard work.

I've been wanting to share these photos that I took a couple weeks back of Constable once he discovered that a bird has made a nest on the porch. I waited and waited for him to discover it on his own, haha. Have you heard a cat talk to other animals? In my experience they always sound very "meepy" and curious. As if they are having a quiet casual conversation with occasional hints of desperation? haha  James was telling me last night that apparently cats meow because of humans..that the noise they make to meow is their idea of sounding like we do. Does it confuse him then when I meow back? Cos I do. All the time..



  1. Awwwwwwww!! Maybe I can meet this guy!! Invite me over hahahaha.

  2. awe cute kitty! thats really interesting about cats meows i never knew. i meow back to mine at times too. hmmm poor confused kitties : )


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