Monday, April 12, 2010

things i wore..



Spring outfits.. I always struggle with dressing in the beginning and end of the colder months. Right now I still can't imagine going without tights (well ok wait, that may not be completely true..there was a really warm day last week were I went bare legged around the house in these same shorts, haha)..I guess I secretly wish I could wear them in the dead of always takes me a a while to get use to bare legs again. Maybe I can still wear tights on summer evenings?? Anyway, I found this outfit nice to throw on when it was sunny, but still a bit chilly. I thrifted my bag many years ago, at the end of high school and I've had this vintage sweater since 9th grade and I love how it's come in and out of my wardrobe over the years!


  1. i have a tights addiction as well. it's so weird how in july we won't think anything of it, but it feels strange to bare yourself again. (cute flats)

  2. I wear tights as often as I can! I've worn them on super hot days in the summer, even though I've regretted it. Cute outfit!


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