Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exclusive Facebook Deals

I'm trying to spiff up my Facebook page! I added this image to a new tab, but it's appearing very small..I'm pretty sure I've seen other pages use a large image- how can I make mine larger/it's original size as it appears above?
Anyway, I wanted to suggest that you "Like" Nice on Facebook if you haven't already! It really means a great deal to me- It's a huge motivational boost to see the "fan" number go up, and just by simply "Liking" Nice it can be enough to help my business grow..who knows who may decide to also like Nice once they notice that you have. So yes, I appreciate it very much, and like the image above says, I'm going to use it to show that I Like you, too! ;) There will indeed be a special sale for Facebook Likers soon!!

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