Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kitty Neighbor

Hello! It's been a while. We are settling into our new place- we've hardly had any time to relax! My birthday was last week and it was very much in the back of my mind. Thank goodness for it though..that and Father's Day provided family time and a bit of relaxation. Moving in the summer isn't my favorite. Not because it's hot (we actually lucked out with some fairly mild temperatures), but because it takes a huge chunk way from summertime fun haha. I think spring is a better time to move, if you can.
Our new place is starting to feel like home. There is still a lot to be done..arranging things, etc, but I also have to get back to work!

I wanted to share one of our new neighbor friends..

hung out with this kitty for 45 min. turns out he belongs to the rock hard gym

hung out with this kitty for 45 min. turns out he belongs to the rock hard gym





This lil lady wandered into our front yard when we were returning from a Father's Day lunch. She was so friendly that I couldn't resist petting her. James and my dad left my mom and I to go move a heavy table into our apartment...we ended up hanging out with this kitty for a good 45 minutes! ...So there was plenty of time for the two of us to daydream about if we could keep her. She was so little it was hard to imagine that her owner would let her roam around, so maybe she was lost? We'd have to put up signs for a while before we could claim her. Would Constable approve?? My mom tried to get me to name her but I had to resist! haha Our neighbors came out and they said they'd seen it before but did not have a clue whose it was. So we played some more. She climbed the little tree in our yard and frolicked and tumbled.

Our downstairs neighbor came out a bit later and said that he thought he may belong to a gym around the corner..which was a hilarious thought to me. The gym around the corner is a tiny hole in the wall place..one of those places that you constantly pass and wonder what in the world goes on in there, if it's still in business. It seems it's where older, tan, muscley, tank top sporting tough guys go. It's right out of an 80s macho movie, it's really that ridiculous. Turns out, the neighbor left for a walk and met up with a guy down at the corner and pointed our direction. Here comes this Sylvester Stalone looking guy with curly dark hair pulled back in a low ponytail, black tank top, and camouflage pants. "There you are!" His voice did not match his appearance, haha. It was soft and calm. The kitty's name is Shadow and I guess he lets her out often, so hopefully we'll see her again! He said he had another cat but she never came back and he thinks someone took her (I couldn't help but feel like he said that in a back-off-my-kitty kinda way but he was probably just sayin', right?). How could anyone resist such a friendly little kitty?

So now you know a little more about the mysterious Rock Hard Gym.

Rock Hard Gym - where Shadow kitty is from

Speaking of kitties, make sure you're a fan of Dreamcats and help to spread the word! When my mom and I were hanging out with the kitty, I noticed she called to it, "Dream kitty! Dream kitty!" And I'm pretty sure that little kitty liked it.


  1. That is the most hilarious story ever! Love that kitty. She looks so cute and I'm glad you gave her some attention!

  2. i wish i got a photo of him with his cat..but i was too nervous haha. maybe i'll print some photos for him and go over there?? haha


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