Monday, August 02, 2010

Sing Swan Song

Thank you all for your sweet comments, funny input, and for sharing your stories of similar situations. It really was a bummer of a time for me..I was just feeling generally camera shy even before the Time Out opprotunity came up, so the published photo didn't help my mood. But I'm over it! It really helped immensely to laugh with you all about it. Thank you so much, friends. :)

So on to new things! And on to, what? Another (crazy) photo of myself? Yup. What if I become camera obsessed now??

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2010-08-01 16.32.41

I stumbled upon this giant inflatable swan raft last week while shopping for a gift. I was with my mom and we seriously could not stop laughing about it- it's amazing. It's MASSIVE. You could fit at least 3 people on that thing! Yesterday James and I went out to the suburbs to celebrate my dad's birthday and we were able to stop back at the store to show it to them in person, haha. It was priceless seeing James' reaction, let me tell you. We were SO CLOSE to buying it..I still regret it. It's quite affordable (if  you're in the market for inflatables), but I was trying to be realistic and imagine myself at a beach with just James, rather than a big group...I mean, sometimes you feel self-concious enough in a bathing suit, imagine adding a giant inflatable swan to that feeling. STILL, I am a firm believer in FUN TIMES and I'm pretty sure this thing would be worth it. Wonder how hard it is to stay on with the waves that come after a storm on Lake Michigan. Might have to go get this swan...

 So yes, swans. Swan inflatables and swan boats..cute, hilarious, involve water, random, still in existence, pretty, fun..gotta love them. Anabela was able to ride swan paddle boats over the weekend (did you know that they got rid of ours in Chicago??) while she took beautiful shots for Summer Water. Have you seen? View her post here.
And take an early peek at our Summer Water collection- it launches in minutes actually! 1pm central time!

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  1. This probably sounds bad but life jackets were mandatory at the swan boats! Ew! Geoff took some pictures and we look so dorky! So the photo op was ruined but at least I got some nice shots from inside the boat!

    I really need this inflatable in my life.


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