Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Renegade Recap!

Renegade was so much fun this year! I have to admit, I've never been as behind with prep work as I was this year....It was a busy summer. We moved, I added new product, and for me it's always hard balancing work with summer. So the past few weeks have been SUPER stressful and busy..I didn't get much sleep the week before Renegade and by the time the eve of the event came, I kinda wasn't sure how I was going to survive the weekend! haha I just wanted to take a long slumber and watch some TCM or something.... James and I did manage to set our alarm clock wrong and oversleep by and hour, but that wasn't enough! So the rainy, misty, gloomy set-up weather of Saturday was sort of a bummer to my system. I was not into setting up at all..I tried to convince my dad (shout out to my family who are enormous helpers during Renegade times) that we should throw the ugly blue rain tarp on top of the tent, I guess I kept having flash backs to the Rainegade of 2008, and I figured better safe than sorry..he kept assuring me that the weather said sun later on, and I had heard that forecast as well, but at this point it was just so hard to imagine the sun ever coming out haha. I probably should have put some whiskey in my coffee or something.

The sun did come out and both days ended up being beautiful. It took me a while to get in the groove Saturday I think..I wasn't feeling very well, again, think my body was just ready to power down after the stressful prep weeks..and by the end of the day I was feeling dizzy and sick. My awesome brother came down to help James and I pack  up for the night so that was really nice. When we got back to our place we just took it easy and watched Maria Bamford on the internet hahaha. Laughter is the best medicine people. By Sunday morning I was feeling myself again, or maybe that's a tough call to make, because early in the day, right after the always stylish Danny from Renegade came to snap some photos of my booth, I did notice that my fly was down. Classy. Boyfriend or Brother, you didn't notice this?? Hoping it didn't show in the photos. I told you people, I should  not be photographed by people outside of my close circle. Update: While I'm writing this post I'm obviously multitasking and noticed the Renegade gang linked to their Flickr on Twitter....thankfully they posted a photo where I'm hiding behind the counter, as if I was aware my fly is down. haha

Anyway, all in all the fair was fantastic! I had so much fun, I truly love Renegade and I look forward to it all year. I had a nice talk with Sue of Renegade who I was fortunate to have as a neighbor this year, and she's got me thinking of Brooklyn and San Francisco Renegades. If I can, I will do it. I want to very badly. I had a great time talking with friends through out the weekend..Casey and her boyfriend Josh are always so much fun and she showed me a lot of the great things she picked up at the fair (she should be a guide, she makes a list!).. met many new adorable craft friends and saw old adorable craft friends.. Lisa, Katie and Elsie, Kellee and Matt, Esther, Sarah, Susan, Amie, Kara and Meagan, Lynn...and many more.

On to photos! Here are some things that I took home with me...

Wood block prints from Mat Daly (top left). When I saw these I immediately thought of James...this was a gift for all of his loving support! He put them up right away in his music room.

a gift from a new friend
I met a lovely girl named Mona who is traveling from Mexico to report back on the handmade movement. She was the sweetest and stopped by my booth both days..the second she brought me this necklace!! I am still smiling about meeting her..

I snagged this beauty from Cursive after chatting it up with Sarah. I'm so glad she's in my town and I hope to see her way more often- we totally ran into each other the day before Renegade at JoAnn Fabrics, haha! It was like 1pm and I hadn't eaten yet and still had to get to the suburbs to pick stuff up and I was sooooo it was really great to take a break and visit with her! ..Her booth looked great as always and she had the prettiest display work...

Really want to ask her if I can have a garland made haha

Love these new pieces!

Think I want to add that black and grey piece to my collection next!

Amie of Thief and Bandit had these tassels hanging up as display in her tent and I was able to buy a set off her! I love them! Then yesterday I got a fantastic package from Anabela and one of the things included was a beautiful golden tassel! It was the perfect addition!!

Later, while walking briskly and trying to focus on getting back to my booth, Esther of Essimar called out my name while relaxing on the side of the street!So happy she spotted me as I missed her pinata making booth with the Chicago Reader. I can't wait to see photos- I know it was amazing! She was beaming and had great stories to tell about her day teaching. It was great to talk with her and she gave me this garland that she had made during the day and this pin (below) right off her outfit! What a sweetie, right?? I absolutly LOVE little random bits that people make..reminds me of art classes and getting odds and ends that friends made on the side of a larger project. Things like that are just very special to me (also why I love the Sarah and Amie's tassels so much!).
Esther is actually having a giveaway right now on her blog! Ends today!


And here are shots of my booth this year..

sign outside the tent

Nice at the Chicago Renegade 2010

Nice at the 2010 Chicago Renegade Craft Fair

Nice at the 2010 Chicago Renegade Craft Fair

Nice at the 2010 Chicago Renegade Craft Fair

oh herez ma card

Light Shades by Nice

Bouquet Doily Light Shade, made it this month, and it sold!
This Bouquet doily light shade sold! I usually sell all of the shades online so it was really neat to see it go to someone in person. I am sad that I didn't get any good shots of it though!

New! Haven't named this one yet but it's made with lucite, vintage lace, handmade tulle flowers, and silver glitter leaves!

New! Crystal Garden Light Shade.
New! Crystal Garden light shade! These will be available in the shop me if you have any questions.

James and I

James and I at the end of Sunday. <3

There you have it! You can see more photos on my flickr. I'll be updating the shop with banners, new styles of Mini Deer Plaques, chalkboards, key hooks, light shades, etc. very soon! And seriously, if you were at the show, leave a comment at the Facebook page and you've got a pretty good chance of winning a necklace of your choice!


  1. aww i love your recap. i met mona too! i met you at my 1st renegade 4 yrs ago. i think we were booth neighbors or very close to it anyway. you were the sweetest + cutest and i said to myself "aww she's awesome i want to be friends with her." and now i feel very lucky to know you. i love the crystal garden shade + can't wait to see the new plaques. seriously come to brooklyn in june. fun times!!

  2. yay!!! I am so excited to have found your blog. What a fantastic introduction to it. Beautiful things. Happy, colorful, shiny, lovely. xo

  3. I snagged a very similar Cursive necklace - I think I was torn between the one I got and the one you got! (Sarah's booth, like yours, was on my list! ;)

  4. Wow!!
    White lamp is looking very awesome.
    So very creative.
    Superb idea.


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