Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi pals!
I'm a little late posting about these new banners here on the blog (I'm usually good about posting shop updates here, but things get hectic sometimes..that's why it's good to join up on my Facebook page).....
but here they are! I am so excited about these and am really enjoying the process of making them. They are doing quite well in the shop, and right now Wild Heart is the last ready-made banner available! But don't worry, the rest are listed currently as made to order. If you are interested in a custom banner, please contact me via Etsy or email (see side bar) and include the date which you'll need your banner to arrive.

These banners have been on my mind for a while. I was actually able to make the time to finish one during the holidays. My first one was a Happy New Year banner and I was really hoping to make more, but things were just way too hectic. I was able to bring the first one to a craft show that my Mom and I did just before Christmas..

It's a bit blurry, but you can kind of see it on the left of the booth. We decided to enter this show at the very last minute, and because I was so excited that my Mom and I could do it together, I broke the golden rule of checking a craft show out before you decide to participate..A couple years back I'd been to a suburban craft show that I thought our things would do fairly well at, so I figured this one would be along the same line..But oh was I wrong, haha. It was not good, for us. All in all, it was a tough weekend, but we did have fun together and also met some nice vendors. I still have that Happy New Year banner, and I think I just may keep it for James and I! Also, speaking of my mom- she has just updated her shop with really pretty wreaths for Valentine's day and every day, as well as necklaces made with all vintage pieces!


  1. i love em! and how much do i love the fact that you shot wild hearts with nail polish?! em yes. excellent prop styling all around.

  2. Love love love your new banners... may have to get some for my wedding :)

  3. Decoration is looking very sweet.
    This is looking very Cute and innovative.


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