Thursday, January 05, 2012

After the Holidays



The holidays really flew by this year. The first week afterward is always so odd. It's sort of like swinging from a trapeze to another swinging trapeze? Because it's not like you ever really slowed down.. 
So far this year, winter at times has felt almost spring-like! I'm sure it can't last, though I've started a running joke at home with "The Winter That Never Came". It's 40 degrees and sunny today. No matter if it lasts or not, it's giving me a jump start and optimistic vibes towards wintertime. Which is my least favorite time. I've grown to appreciate the sort of down-time it allows, but the downtime only comes from just not going out as much and not going out as much really is a bummer. So how do you avoid the bummer all together in winter? Sun lamps? I've seriously considered. I'm trying to stay super focused on new projects and be prepared. Things haven't really slowed down, so I need to keep the momentum! Pretty things are in the works. 

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  1. I was just thinking about your emergency list and trying to re-think what mine would have on it... I wish we could hang out and catch up! xoxoxo


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